Back to School 2024: Supplies Shopping Checklist, What to Buy and Where

The start of a new school year is always an exciting time, filled with the promise of new opportunities and fresh beginnings. As we approach the 2024 school year, ensuring that your child has all the necessary supplies is essential for their success. This guide will help you navigate the back-to-school shopping season in the Philippines, providing you with a complete checklist of what to buy and where to find the best deals.

Essential School Supplies Checklist

  1. Writing and Drawing Tools

    1. Pens and Pencils: Opt for a quality brands for reliable writing.

    2. Markers and Highlighters: Useful for emphasizing key notes and organizing information.

    3. Crayons and Colored Pencil: Essential for younger students and art classes.

    4. Erasers and Sharpeners: Don't forget the basics to keep writing tools in top shape.

  2. Paper Products

    1. Notebooks: Choose from different sizes and styles, such as binders, composition books and spiral notebooks.

    2. Loose-leaf Paper: Ideal for binders and easy organization.

    3. Graph Paper: Necessary for Math and Science subjects.

  3. Organizational Supplies

    1. Binders and Folders: Help keep subjects separated and documents organized.

    2. Planners and Agendas: Encourage time management and planning skills.

    3. Index Cards and Sticky Notes: Great for quick notes and reminders.

  4. Backpacks and Lunch Bags

    1. Durable Backpacks: Brands like Jansport and Hawk are known for their durability and style.

    2. Insulated Lunch Bags: Keep food fresh and cool with an insulated lunch bag.

  5. Technology and Gadgets

    1. Tablets and Laptop: Essential for older students, especially for online classes and research.

    2. USB Flashdrive: Important for storing and transferring digital files.

    3. Headphones or Earbuds: Necessary for online learning and concentration.

  6. Art and Craft Supplies

    1. Glue and Scissors: Basic supplies for various projects.

    2. Construction Paper: Useful for art projects and creative assignments.

  7. Health and Safety Items

    1. Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers: Important for maintaining health safety.

    2. Water Bottles: Encourage hydration throughout the school day.

Where to Shop for School Supplies in the Philippines

  1. National Book Store: Known for its wide selection of school supplies, National Book Store offers everything from basic writing tools to art materials and gadgets. They often have back-to-school promotions and discounts.

  2. SM Stationery: Located in SM malls across the country, SM Stationery provides a variety of school essentials, including notebooks, backpacks, and tech gadgets.

  3. Office Warehouse: Office Warehouse is a great place to find bulk supplies at affordable prices. They offer a range of products suitable for students of all ages.

  4. Lazada and Shopee: For those who prefer online shopping, Lazada and Shopee offer extensive selections of school supplies with the convenience of home delivery. Look out for special deals and discount codes.

  5. Divisoria: For budget-friendly options, Divisoria is a popular destination. It's best to go early and be prepared for a bit of haggling to get the best prices.

Tips for Successful Shopping Experience

  1. Make a List: Start with a detailed list of supplies needed to avoid unnecessary purchases.

  2. Set a Budget: Determine how much you're willing to spend and try to stick to it.

  3. Shop Early: Avoid the last-minute rush and get the best selection by shopping early.

  4. Look for Sales and Discounts: Take advantage of back-to-school sales and promos to save money.

  5. Check Reviews: Especially for tech gadgets, read reviews to ensure quality and reliability.

By following this checklist and shopping at the recommended stores, you'll ensure your child is fully prepared for the new school year. A well-equipped student is a confident and ready student, so start your back-to-school shopping today!

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